Reflections Within was created to combine two forms of expression and allow such collaboration to speak one language; the language of purposeful art. The combination of international photography and original prose opens up the hearts and minds of the observer. Beyond visual appeal, the words help to provoke thought, revisit experiences and emotions that have been suppressed or repressed. It presents images of people, things and places that go beyond the observers’ own world. This collaboration offers curiosity, willingness to learn more, refinement of the senses through sight and intellect, abstract thought, ambiguity, mystery, logic with imagination, graceful images to connect all people with themselves and the world around them. Through our work, we hope to inspire people, to motivate, to reflect and remind them that life is full of purpose; that we all need a sense of place and belonging.

About the artists

Dede Haas, an award-winning photographer and Mali Phonpadith, an internationally-published poet, create art that inspires, motivates, provokes deep emotions, and challenge people to share and to explore all of their senses....

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